A new image found its way to the web earlier today revealing the possibility that Apple might replace the home button on the next iPhone (5S) with its own logo.

iPhone home button

A new report based on an image that popped up in the wild suggests that Apple might replace the home button on the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, with their own logo. Now why would a company like Apple do such a thing? The home button is plenty functional, slapping an Apple logo there just looks like advertising their own product, on their product itself. But then again, there were reports from previous months that the next iPhone might pack a fingerprint scanner… Wonder if all this adds up.

The report claims that to accommodate the alleged fingerprint scanner that the iPhone 5S will pack, the home button had to be redesigned, and that perhaps using an Apple logo gave it more open room, or a larger “window”, to actually scan your finger. We don’t know how that will work out for big and fat fingers (such as my own… sigh), but to me, and the publication, it looks like some really strong branding.

iPhone 5S Home Button Apple logo

While we do hope that a technology such as a fingerprint scanner makes it to the next iPhone (making all those fingerprints scanning apps on the app store even more popular, or maybe put them out of business, either one), in which case all those cool movies with top-profile people getting their fingers cut and stolen by crooks to unlock theiriPhones would become real… (Sigh… Again, fantasies take over. Reminds me that I need a life).

Source: Letemsvetemapplem via Cult Of Mac