This has been a very busy week for Cupertino: first, Apple was required to replace its faulty first-gen iPod Nano audio players in Japan. In addition, the company has both a security patch for the notorious iOS PDF security flaw and it is rumoured that a new Apple TV is in the works. Opps, did we say Apple TV? Our mistake: the Apple TV is no more. Instead, it will be known as the iTV.

Read on for more information about the latest announcements from Apple.

Unfortunately, the first bit of news from Apple might come across as bad news (depending on how you see it). Apparently, Apple has got wind of the PDF security flaw in its iOS smartphone operating system, and has thus released an update to patch up the hole.

Now that might sound good from a security viewpoint: after all, no one wants to worry about having his or her iPhone compromised just because they viewed a PDF file. But what really puts the sting in Apple’s update is that the only method currently known to successfully jailbreak the iPhone 4 relies on the very same PDF security flaw to succeed. In other words, customers who had updated their iPhones with Apple’s patch essentially had the Jailbreak door unceremoniously closed on them.

Then again, it might not be a complete loss. At the very least, users who updated their iPhones would not have to worry about their smartphones getting compromised by malicious PDF files. And for those who let the window of opportunity for Jailbreaking the iPhone 4 slip by, fret not. After all, it has been proven that the hacking community always wins, eventually.

Besides, patience is always a virtue, no?

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