If you have not heard the slightest pipsqueak about the Apple TV, don’t worry, you are not alone. After all, as Apple as so conveniently put it, the Apple TV is nothing more than ‘just a hobby’. Right? Not anymore, if the latest rumours about the device’s fate are to be believed.

Apparently, Apple is keen to capitalize on the success of both its App Store and iOS operating system. And since it is a well-known fact that software is what makes a device, giving the Apple TV the iOS makeover immediately opens the device to a staggering variety of possible apps, with little to no effort on Apple’s part in terms of persuading developers to write applications for the Apple TV.

Of course, moving the Apple TV to the iOS would also come with a few standard changes. For one, since all the current devices runing on iOS have an ‘I’ prefix, it should be of little surprise that Apple may plan to rename the Apple TV as the iTV to maintain consistency.

On the hardware side, the iTV is also going to get a little boost. The rumour claims that Apple’s A4 ARM processor will be used in the device and will lose its 160GB hard disk. Instead, the device will rely on built-in Flash memory for media storage purposes, which supposedly allows for faster read-write access.

However, not all changes made to the Apple TV…sorry, iTV are positive. The rumour reportedly claims that because of the iTV’s greater focus on internet streaming and the loss of the 160GB hard disk, the newer devices will ship without support for full HD content. Instead, it will only support video playback of up to 720p, which is the current resolution Apple uses in its iTunes video sales.

So what does this mean for the iTV? No one really knows, but we are fairly certain that Apple’s plans for the device are going to extend well beyond the boundaries of it being ‘just a hobby’.

Source: PC Magazine