Ever wanted to ask Siri something without having to take out your phone and press the Home button? Apple might be working on a solution.


Apple’s virtual private assistant was initially launched on the iPhone, however now its available on the iPod touch as well as the iPads. Users can use Siri to do a number of tasks, including but not limited to setting reminders, alarms and searching the web. It has become an integral part of the iOS ecosystem and its not going away anytime soon. Apple has been granted a new patent which details a “smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device,” a Siri dock, essentially.

Basically the dock will await the user’s command, something similar to “Ok, Google Glass.” This means that the dock will always be listening, just waiting for the command. When it hears the relevant command, Siri will respond through the dock. So if a user is in bed and wants to check the weather, they simple need to say it out loud without having to even open their eyes.  Its possible that the dock might also have a radio and a clock, which would make it the perfect bedside companion.

The dock exists in a patent right now, and there’s no confirmation if Apple really does intend on releasing it. If it does, one can expect that ardent Siri users will be very happy.

Source: Macgasm