Apple iTunes

Apple may be introducing a new subscription-based music streaming service on iTunes. From the various online sources, the company is in talks with music labels to roll out such service, and that the pricing could range from US$10 to US$15.

Rumor has it that Apple is in talks with music labels to provide music streaming service for the music lovers. If that goes well, users can simply pay for a monthly subscription to have music streamed to their iPhone, iPod devices and even Macs or PCs. There’s no concrete news as to how much music can a user access in a month. The pricing could also range between US$10 to US$15 (or more).

At the same time, Spotify, another music streaming service provider that is well-known in Europe, is trying to get into the US market. And Apple has argued it could hurt download sales. We can only wait and see when Apple’s music streaming service will be made available. But it is likely it will only be available in US at the point in time.

Source: Ars Technica