A little not-so-hard-to-notice but you-still-did-not-notice fact from Apple’s WDDC 2013 conference, the company showcased all the iOS 7 demos on a White iPhone instead of the usual Black iPhone. Has Cupertino come to like the color of peace more than it did before?

Apple iOS 7 press shot

Even Apple’s official press shot agrees with Business Insider’s report

Business Insider (BI) has a very interesting report where they claim that Apple now believes in the White iPhone more than the Black one… Because the White iPhone looks cooler. Don’t disregard this report just yet, for BI backs their claim with proof. Here’s the evidence:

According to the report, the new iOS 7 UI looks far better against a White iPhone, which we have to agree is actually true. The flat and light icons, lightly themed and light colored background all goes really well with a White iPhone. Perhaps this is a hint, perhaps Apple launches a White iPhone 5S at the time of launch this time round (or maybe both Black and White models at launch). Whatever it is, we’ll come to know soon (in the next 3 months, if all goes well).

So the answer to the original question in our post title, what changed? Well, the answer is simple, it’s iOS (7).

via Business Insider