Despite a decline in India’s currency, Apple is reportedly keeping the prices of the iPhone and iPad steady in the country, in turn reducing the margin it usually keeps on all its devices.


The Indian rupee has seen its value depreciating considerably in the past couple of months, which caused manufacturers like Samsung to recently jack up the prices of their devices. Apple, however, is selling the iPhone and iPad to distributors at the same price as last year, absorbing the 14 percent hit in the value of the rupee.

Apple has refrained from following Samsung Electronics Co in raising prices. Apple is selling the iPhone and iPad to distributors such as Redington India Ltd at the same price as in 2012 even after the currency’s decline this year, Rajesh Khetarpal, head of Redington’s strategic business unit, said in an interview.

The steady pricing continues the recent trend of Apple offering incentives, such as discounts and interest-free credit deals, to court more consumers in the emerging smartphone market, though it’s likely it is a precursor to the launch of the iPhone 5C, which is expected to be a cheaper-than-usual iPhone that will be made available in markets like India, China, and Brazil.

Via: 9t05Mac | Source: Bloomberg