In a bid to increase its market share in India, Apple has relaunched the iPhone 4 in the country at an exorbitant price of $370 (INR 22,900) for the 8GB model.


It was only last week that rumors emerged about the Cupertino-based company looking at relaunching its (almost) four-year-old iPhone 4 in the world’s third-largest smartphone market. Now, the handset has gone up for sale in the country, and is available from numerous retailers. Only the 8GB model has been launched, likely because the iPhone 4 isn’t in production any longer, and while rumors suggested Apple would offer buyback schemes on the device, those schemes are yet to go live.

At $370, the iPhone 4 stands among the worst smartphone deals in the country – it has hardware specs that are pretty outdated, and while it runs on the latest version of the OS, it doesn’t offer all the features that newer iPhones do. Newer, more powerful handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Google’s Nexus 4, and Apple’s very own iPhone 4S, are available at lower/similar prices, so it seems like the Cupertino giant is banking on its brand name to try and move a few units to customers.

Source: Indiatimes