Apple iPod

If your Apple iPod’s indicates possible water damage, even though you are very sure that it didn’t have any contact with water, it is probably not your fault but the device’s sensor. Well, the company has authorized its service providers to make repairs to the devices that are under warranty.

Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) can be found at the bottom of the headphone port of the iPods, and also on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and MacBooks. When come in contact with liquid, the LCI turns from white (or silver) to pinkish red. Obviously, the sensor is designed to help Apple technicians determine if the Apple product has been damaged due to water or other problems. But it seems that the LCI may have a tendency to give a false indication due to humidity and other factors when the Apple products may not actually have had any contact with liquid. And Apple has been rather strict on repairing the device because of the LCI.

Thankfully, the company has lightened their repair policies and honor repairs of iPods with triggered LSI but has no external signs of damage, provided they are still under Apple’s warranty.

Source: AppleInsider