The decision to replace their yesteryear flagship with a plastic version of the same hardware might not be working out too well for Apple, according to the latest reports.


An analyst had recently predicted that out of the record-breaking 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c sales in the first three days, the Cupertino company sold almost equal amounts of both devices. However, the iPhone 5c might not have done that well, as a report from CTechCN suggests that Apple has halved the iPhone 5c production from 300,00 units per day, to 150,000 units, hinting at not-so-promising sales of the colorful new iPhone.

Furthermore, China, one of the most important markets for Apple, has apparently not reacted favorably to the iPhone 5c, as a result of which the country’s grey market has dropped the price of the handset by around 30 percent. It was never really expected that the iPhone 5c would see high consumer demand, but the price and production cuts so soon after launch suggest that the excitement around the device is dying out faster than Apple would have liked.

Via: CTechCN