There’s no shortage of rumors that Apple is working on wearable devices. According to a new report, the company has hired one of Nike’s top design directors to work on said devices.


Wearable gadgets are seen as the next frontier. A lot of companies are already putting a lot of time and resources behind their wearable devices, Google is making waves with Google Glass while Samsung recently announced its smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear. Apple too is rumored to be working on a smartwatch which is widely known as the iWatch. The design director it has reportedly poached from Nike is Ben Shaffer, who was the Studio Director of the Innovation Kitchen at Nike.

The Innovation Kitchen is actually a research and development lab at Nike. There, designers put their heads together to create new product designs. Shaffer has worked on the Nike Fuelband as well as the recent Flyknit shoe. The Fuelband is a popular wearable device and Shaffer’s experience with the product would definitely be of use to the company. The iWatch itself is rumored to be focused on fitness, like Nike’s Fuelband. However, there has been no confirmation as yet of Shaffer’s appointment, so a grain of salt is advised nonetheless.

A number of analysts have predicted that Apple might launch its wearable device, the iWatch, next year. The company itself hasn’t said anything about its wearable device plans, so rumors are all there is to go on right now.

Source: 9to5Mac