A new rumor claims an iPhone phablet is going to be released in May later this year.


The term phablet is often used to describe smartphones that have very large displays, it surely can’t be used for all of the iPhones that Apple has released up till now. Rumors have been circulating for quite some time now that Apple is finally going to increase the iPhone’s display size this year, it is believed that right now the company is testing various display sizes, some large enough that the iPhone would get the phablet moniker attached to it.

Yahoo Japan recently published an article which claimed that an iPhone phablet is going to be released in May 2014. This phablet is said to be separate from the iPhone 6, which is expected to release in fall 2014, when the usual release cycle is up. It is also said that this device won’t tout the A8 SoC that is expected to debut with the iPhone 6. The article doesn’t say what the display size is going to be, but according to recent chatter, it might be as large as 5.7 inches.

Obviously this rumor can be disputed. Apple has never made a move like this, but for argument’s sake, if one were to believe that a separate iPhone phablet is really going to be released later this year, would it be a hit with consumers given that smartphones with large screens are been increasingly adopted by people all around the world?

Source: Yahoo Japan