It has been consistently rumored over the past week that supplies of Retina iPad mini are going to be severely constrained due to low yield rates of display panels. Apple has now reportedly turned to its arch rival Samsung to provide it with the panels.


LG and Sharp are the primary manufacturers of the Retina display panels for the new iPad mini. Earlier this week it was reported that Sharp is to blame for the display panel shortages, its the second manufacturer after LG, but it reportedly contributes as much as 40 percent of all panels. Low yield rates of the panels are believed to be the reason why supplies of Retina iPad mini are expected to be tight until Q1, 2014. LG too is reportedly facing yield issues, its “not close to full production,” claim various reports.

So in order to ease up supplies after an expected launch later this month, Apple has reportedly turned towards Samsung to provide it with Retina display panels for the second generation iPad mini. Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that is capable of producing Retina display panels in the quantities that Apple wants, but its rumored that the panels from the Korean giant might not come until early next year, which would mean that regardless of tapping Samsung, Retina iPad mini’s supply may remain tight throughout the lucrative holiday season.

This isn’t the first time that Retina iPad mini supply issues have come to light. Even prior to the tablet’s announcement, analysts claimed that supply would be tight due to this very reason. Apple confirmed fears when it didn’t announce a concrete release date for the tablet at the iPad event last month, it still says that the tablet will be available later in November.

Source: Nikkei