iOS 7.1.2 is a minor update that includes stability improvements and patches for security vulnerabilities.


Apple is updating the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 7.1.2, a minor release that plugs security holes, fixes bugs and improves stability.

Among the tweaks made in the update are improvements to iBeacon connectivity and stability, and a fix for a data transfer bug that was affecting certain third-party accessories, including bar code scanners. The update also patches a security issue with attachments in the Mail app, which was resulting in attachments not getting encrypted. Current jailbreak exploits remain unplugged, though that will likely change with future updates, well before iOS 8 officially rolls out.

The update comes in at approximately 30 MB on the iPad and 32 MB on the iPhone, and can also be obtained via iTunes, though that will need a much larger 1.4 GB download. As usual, the update should be available from the Settings » General » Software Update menu, on all devices currently running iOS 7.

ViaApple Insider


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