Various hardware vendors have already adopted USB 3.0 as the choice for the next-generation high speed connection. Nowadays, USB 3.0 peripherals and computers have started popping up but Apple has yet to adapt it? A report is now pointing that Apple will adopt Light Peak instead of USB 3.0 for its products "in the near future".

According to reports by CNet, Apple is set and expected to announce a "new high-speed connection technology" soon. Apple is speculated to rebrand Intel's Light Peak and use another name for it.

Apple is expected to adopt this Intel technology in the near future–but likely use a name other than Light Peak, a source familiar with this aspect of Apple's plans said. Intel has said in the past that the first products using Light Peak should appear in the first half of 2011.

While USB 3.0 is considered fast in today's pace, Light Peak is significantly faster. So why would Apple adopt USB 3.0 now if Light Peak is going to debut soon enough?

We are expecting Sandy Bridge processors to make an appearance in the upcoming MacBook Pros and reports point that there would be additional enhancements. Light Peak? Hmmmmm…

Source: CNet



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