Apple iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5 launch date drawing closer, it is inevitable to see more news (and rumors) about the upcoming fifth generation iPhone. Mark Moskowitz, an analyst from JP Morgan, said that Apple will be launching two new iPhones, with one of them being a higher-end version that will support GSM and CDMA.

Moskowitz said that the upcoming iPhone will support GSM and CDMA, but not 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), and that the iPhone 5 will be slimmer and lighter. Apple will also unveil the upgrade model of the iPhone 4 with a lower price tag and could be named iPhone 4+ or iPhone 4s. On top of that, the iPhone shipment will also rise in this quarter. Ending the third quarter in June, iPhone has reached 228 carriers which is an increase of 42 from last quarter, and shipments exceeding 20 million. With the joining of Sprint-Nextel, as well as the upgraded model of the iPhone 4 that would be sold in China, Apple is expected to increase their shipment in Q4 this year.