Apple might make a major announcement soon regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 5 on September 12, according to an anonymous source!

An anonymous source has reported that Apple may unveil the latest iPhone on September 12.  The iPhone 5 will be Apple’s next flagship smartphone, which is rumored to have a larger screen, thinner dimension, and better overall processing power.

A supposed leak of a fully assembled iPhone was found earlier, but it was unconfirmed whether the smuggled device was the real deal. 

The iPhone 5’s official announcement is perhaps Silicon Valley’s most anticipated news of the year, and it's almost a no brainer that Apple will take advantage of the increase holidays spending to boost sales of their cash cow device.

The anonymous source also said that the September 12 date might change; so don’t get excited just yet. 

We’ll know in about a month and a half whether or not Apple decides to lift the lid on their next-gen smartphone.  We have our calendar circled and will keep you posted. 

Source: iMore