Rumours are coming in regarding the launch of Apple's next generation iPhone. Most of the sources seem to agree on the timing for the release to be 3rd quarter of this year. More details inside.

As the date draws nearer to 3rd quarter (which is rumoured to be the period for the launch of Apple's next generation iPhone), reports are coming in saying it will not be the release of iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is reported to be encountering heat issues with the implementation of the A5 processor. iPad 2 which are using the A5 processor faces no such problems probably due to its bigger surface area allowing a better dissipitation of heat. iPhone 5 will probably be using the A6 processor instead. iPhone 4S is rumoured to be released first to allow time for the issue to be resolved and will be equipped with a less powerful A5 processor in order to avoid overheating. 

Source: PCgameshardware, Reghardware