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Apple ‘working hard’ to keep up with Retina iPad mini demand

There has been a lot of speculation about Retina iPad mini supply constraints at launch, Apple assures customers that it is “working hard” to keep up with demand.


Analysts predicted tight supplies at launch even before Apple had officially unveiled the Retina iPad mini. It is believed that LCD burn-in issues with the panels that Sharp has manufactured are one of the reasons why the tablet is expected to be in short supply initially. Last month even Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at tight supply by saying that the company didn’t know if it has enough supply for this quarter. As per analysts, the supply should open up in the first quarter of 2014.

Apple quietly launched the Retina iPad mini yesterday on its online store, several retail stores had no inventory in-store and were directing users to purchase the tablet online. From the looks of things, it does seem like Apple has limited inventory to work around with, though the company is yet to provide any sales figures. Apple said in a press release that it is “working hard” to get as many Retina iPad mini units as it can into the hands of customers.

Supplies are expected to get better early next year because Samsung will apparently start manufacturing Retina display panels for the tablet, which would eliminate some of the production problems Apple has reportedly been facing. The company is also expected to tap another manufacturer in Taiwan to produce iPad mini models in order to meet demand.

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