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Apple’s 12.9 inch iPad rumored to release in second half of 2014

Rumors now peg the launch of Apple’s 12.9 inch iPad in second half of 2014 as opposed to early next year.


If rumors are to be believed, then 2014 is going to be the year of big tablets. Apple is reportedly working on a 12.9 inch iPad while its major rival Samsung is said to be prepping 12.2 inch and 13.3 inch tablets which it intends to release next year. While Apple is far from officially confirming its tablet plans for next year, rumor has it that the larger iPad is already been tested at Foxconn. However, if the latest rumor is to be believed, Apple’s primary manufacturer for the 12.9 inch iPad might not be Foxconn, it might be Quanta Computer.

According to the rumor, Quanta Computer has landed orders to mass produce the large 12.9 inch iPad in the second half of 2014. Sources believe that Quanta might face challenges in production of this tablet, industrial design and assembly could prove to be a challenge. Order volumes are said to be limited because apparently the size is not mainstream specification and Apple is likely to gear it towards education and enterprise sectors.

It is not known right now exactly when Apple is going to launch its larger iPad. The company hasn’t said anything about it up till now. It is also too soon to speculate right now just how much this 12.9 inch iPad will cost. No details about its internal specifications are available right now.

Source: Digitimes

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