Apple iPod Nano

A leaked photo from a Taiwanese Apple-related blog,, shows an iPod Nano with a camera hole. If that is believed to be true, this means that the portable digital media player could also take videos (and even images) like its 5th generation sibling.

The picture you see above is taken on Saturday from Taiwanese Apple-related blog,, which is well-known for leaking Apple's hardware. However, the author could not verify if this is genuine. It was only a day after April's Fool, though it is unlikely this is a joke, seeing how the blog has correctly leaked each of the previous six generations of the iPod nano past years.

The 5th generation iPod nano has received a built-in camera from the 4th generation, but the 6th generation which comes in a smaller, squarish form factor has the camera removed. Perhaps Apple would bring the camera back to the upcoming 7th generation after much feedback from consumers.

Source: Apple Insider