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Apple’s ‘Back To School’ promotion 2013 reportedly starts tomorrow, iPhone also included

According to various reports the Apple ‘Back to School’ promotion 2013 kicks off tomorrow, the iPhone is also said to have been included for the very first time.


This particular promotional program runs in different countries at different times every year, and obviously not all countries have the same school schedules. The latest ‘Back to School’ promotion is said to be the biggest of the year, as its likely to cover all of Europe, Canada and the United States. Apple Retail Stores in these locations are reportedly adjusting signages overnight, which fuels speculation of the program starting from tomorrow.

The promotion has always been pretty simple. Eligible students receive iTunes and App Store gift cards when they purchase a new Mac or an iPad. It’s a token from Apple to get them started, they can use these gift cards to install apps or download content such as music, movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. This time around, Apple will reportedly also be giving gift cards if an eligible student purchases a new iPhone. A $100 gift card will accompany new Mac purchases whereas for iPad and iPhone purchases, a $50 gift card will be provided.

The company has yet to confirm that it is indeed starting Apple ‘Back to School’ promotion 2013 from tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll hear from it soon.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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