A lawsuit is being filed against Apple, accusing the company of misleading consumers in the advertisement of its iCloud service.

A lawsuit is being placed against Apple, accusing the company of misleading consumers in the advertisement of its iCloud service.

AppleInsider discovered the lawsuit, filed by plaintiff Danyelle Comer in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit complains of inefficient transition from the subscription based MobileMe service to the free iCloud replacement.

MobileMe is a subscription based suite of internet tools by Apple, including an email service, webhost, online storage feature and other utilities. In June of 2011, Apple announced the new iCloud service which is to take the place of MobileMe. MobileMe is now closed to new subscribers, but former customers can access the service up until June 30th of this year.

This lawsuit makes a point out of the fact that MobileMe was not free, and customers migrating from the service experienced many troubles as a result of essentially mandatory transition to iCloud.

"Throughout the migration, Apple failed to adequately ensure that features MobileMe users were paying for would be accessible, including access to their e-mail accounts for which customers pay additional fees," goes the complaint. "As a result, numerous MobileMe users suffered damage from the inability to access their individual accounts."

The filing accuses Apple of misrepresenting the iCloud services, and argues that paying MobileMe subscribers suffered "devastating consequences”. The suit says that Apple should have been more prepared to make the transition from MobileMe to iCloud.

The class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of several things, including unjust enrichment and violation of the Magnus-Moss Warranty Act.

According to the suit, "Unfortunately for many users it doesn't 'just work' and has resulted in a series of headaches due to lack of syncing ability, lack of email functionality and other complications and losses and corruption of data. In fact a number of users have been forced to hire outside technical assistance at significant cost, just to migrate to the iCloud platform or get around it to obtain minimal functionality of emails and other systems."

Anytime that users complain of services such as Facebook or email providers, there are always those who respond with something along the lines of “You can’t complain if it’s free.” But MobileMe was not free, and perhaps, for once, this is a legitimate lawsuit filed in honesty, rather than a get-rich-quick jab at juicing Apple.

Source: AppleInsider