Forget about the white iPhone 4, the upcoming next-generation iPad 2 available in white too? I mean, the thought of it isn't as appealing as the iPhone, right?

For those who are following close to months and months of iPad 2 rumours would know that the upcoming tablet from Apple would feature front and rear cameras, thinner design and an improved (but not Retina) display. With just about a few days away from Apple's iPad media event, this new (and rather interesting) rumour pops up from nowhere.

Originating from Shenzhen, China, this front bezel in white does include a hole for a front-facing camera. But what really surprised us is the colour. Apple originally announced the white iPhone 4 alongside with the black iPhone 4, but till this date have yet to deliever their flagship phone in white.

But on a personal note, I feel that having the iPad 2 in white just looks a tad weird.

In white or not, we'll find out soon on this Thursday morning at Apple's iPad media event.

Source: 9to5Mac



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