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Apple’s multitouch case against Google, Motorola revived by US appeals court

The International Trade Commission’s dismissal is reversed by appeals court, meaning that Apple and Google-Motorola will find themselves in court again.


Apple and Google-Motorola could be going back to court in the very near future in a case that could result in Motorola being barred from importing technology used in many of Google’s Nexus phones.

Originally, the International Trade Commission ruled in March 2012 that Apple’s multitouch patents being contested were invalidated by prior art and dismissed the case. The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed this decision and ordered a reexamination.

The patents in question are:

The court’s ruling was a split decision. Judge Jimmie Reyna was quoted as being strongly in favor of Apple.

“The asserted patent in this case is an invention that has propelled not just technology, but also dramatically altered how humans across the globe interact and communicate,” he said. “It marks true innovation.”

The decision by the court moves the case back to the ITC for a reexamination. It it not known how long this will take, but it will likely be done long before Apple and Samsung are expected back in court this spring.

“Today’s decision paves the way for the ITC to find that Apple’s remaining claims are invalid and that our products don’t infringe,” a Motorola representative said in a statement. “Meanwhile, we’ll stay focused on delivering great new phones that people love.”

Source: Foss Patents

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