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Apple’s two new iPhones get pictured together

We’ve seen the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S being pictured individually over the last few months. Today, we get to see the purported casings of both new smartphones get pictured together ahead of their unveiling, which is expected to happen next month.


Despite the fact that there have been a plethora of part, component and casing leaks of both new iPhones, one can’t really be sure what the real deal is. Sure, we’ve see a lot of pictures of the same exact casing and rumors have lead us to believe that that’s what Apple’s next iPhones look like. The fact remains though that the company hasn’t officially confirmed anything about the iPhones or iPhone it is going to unveil this year.

For the first time ever Apple is expected to release two iPhones at once. The event is rumored to take place on September 10th. The two new iPhones include the iPhone 5S, which is going to be the refreshed version of iPhone 5 and the all new iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C intrigues many people because Apple hasn’t done something like this in the past, it hasn’t offered a toned down version of an iPhone alongside a full-fledged iPhone.

The purported casings of both smartphones seen in the picture are exactly the same as the ones we’ve been seeing time and again. Analysts and those who are considered in the loop are convinced that these belong to the upcoming iPhones. What do you think? Do you choose to believe the rumor mill or are you still not convinced by all of the rumors?

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