Today is clearly a bad time for any companies to release any legit press releases or information as they could easily be taken as April Fools' Day jokes, pranks or hoaxes. Anyway, here are some of the tech pranks we roundup for some good laughs we hope. *Constantly updated*

Probably this April Fools' Day prank from Razer will take the top spot for now. Razer released a high precision biomechatrioc exoskeleton called the "Talon" that boost your actions-per-minute (APM) from a 100 for a typical gamer to 3000!  According to Razer, this thing will learn your primary mouse and keyboard actions and will take over and begin to execute your actions at a lighting fast pace. No wallhacks or any cheating software is needed anymore. That's what i call the ultimate unfair advantage over your opponents especially in FPS and RPG games. Last but not least, it comes with complimentary Razer Snake Oil that lubricates intense friction coming out of those insane speed. It doubles up as sunscreen and pheromone enhancer too. Check out more here.