Considering this is a tower cooler, the Freezer 13 is actually very compact and should fit inside every ATX compliant case with ease. Being 130mm high, it should also fit inside the majority of desktop HTPC cases, with the exception of very slim designs. A 92mm white bladed fan is pre-installed on the cooling body; bad news is that the fan’s frame proprietary, engulfing the cooling fins and securing the fan onto the cooler, meaning that you cannot choose to install another fan or replace this one in case of failure.

The aluminum fins are large and wide, offering ample heat dissipation surface. They are also very thin and slightly flimsy but their overall quality is higher than standard. ARCTIC bended the edges of 80% of the fins, creating a wind tunnel of shorts, prohibiting the airflow from escaping towards the sides of the cooler.

Four 6mm copper heatpipes run though the base of the Freezer 13 and expand to both sides of the cooler. ARCTIC did not nickel plate the copper heatpipes or the base of the cooler but the copper has obviously been treated with a corrosion resistive layer.

The company supplies the Freezer 13 with their MX4 thermal paste pre-applied, which is one of the best thermal paste products the company currently produces. Because of that, we had to take the picture of the cooler’s base after we were done with our testing. Beneath the layer of the MX4 thermal compound we found a smooth copper base. Because the base comes covered with thermal grease, the company obviously did not bother machining the base of the cooler down to a mirror finish since the performance gains on a cooler of this range would be miniscule.