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ARCTIC Sound P301, P311 and P402 Headphones Review

We received the P301 headset inside a large cardboard box, full of windowed openings displaying the entire headset and its connectors/controls.  Despite the many openings, the packaging is durable enough to protect the headset during shipping.

The ARCTIC P301 is a full size (circumaural) high performance stereo headset, designed for enthusiasts and for long term professional use. The driver covers are silvery grey and the rest of the headset is black.

ARCTIC printed the company logo and product number onto the left headphone. The company however hasn’t updated the product number, according to which we are currently reviewing the P321 headset, a version identical to the P301 but with an USB connection instead.

The retractable microphone can be found on the left headphone as well. Even though it feels a little flimsy, the soft tube allows for the microphone’s position to the adjusted at the exact position the user needs it to.

As we mentioned before, the P301 is using large 50mm drivers which are hidden beneath large circumaural ear cups. The cups are soft and very comfortable, which is particularly noticeable after a few hours of use. This design also offers a high level of noise isolation, which is particularly useful if you are planning to use these in a noisy environment. Note however that one can adjust the phone’s height but not their horizontal tilt.

The wide headband has two levels: two strong plastic bands form the top level, responsible for the mechanical cohesion of the headset, while a wide leather/rubber cushion has been placed beneath them for comfort.

Even though the microphone has been placed onto the headset itself, its controls can be found on a small controller placed down at the cable. The controller can switch the microphone on or off, as well as adjust its volume level. The P301 headset is connected via two classic 3.5mm pins, one for the headphone’s playback and one for the microphone.

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