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ARCTIC Sound P301, P311 and P402 Headphones Review

ARCTIC appears to be liking the opportunity to design unique packages for all of their products. The packaging in which the P402 headset is supplied into is made out of clear plastic, with a cardboard box placed inside it to help protect the headset during transport. Aside from a full picture of the headset on the top side of the box, the entire right half of the headset is visible through the clear packaging.

Even though it looks very simple and not too large, the P402 is one of the most premium headsets ARCTIC currently has to offer. The supra aural headband design is relatively simple but effective and very lightweight, especially for long term use. The neckband is made of flexible plastic hollow tubes, which are especially durable and have virtually no weight at all.

The leatherette ear pads of the P402 are very soft and extremely thick, measuring 15mm deep each. While the drivers hidden beneath the ear pads are not as large as those used on the larger P301, they are more sensitive and linear, capable of producing a higher quality of sound.

In order to enhance the aesthetic value of this headset, ARCTIC placed metallic blade-like polished disks with the company’s logo engraved onto them at the back of the headphones. The phones are connected to the headband via chromed metallic hinges, which are of high strength and quality; however one should be very careful regarding the thin wire which can be very easily damaged.

The microphone of this headset can be found installed on the cable, a few centimeters lower than the left headphone. Unfortunately, unlike the P301, there is no controller to adjust the microphone’s volume or turn it on/off. However, ARCTIC included a 3.5” adapter for users with devices using a TRRS connector.

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