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Arduino bubble-maker creates parabolic bubbles

A Berlin University student has taken his love for soap bubbles, added math and a dash of engineering, and created an Arduino powered art installation.


Remember when you were a kid and you got one of those bottles filled with soap and a little plastic wand and you ran around blowing soap bubbles (today, the spoiled little kids have soap-guns that blow the bubbles for them)? Well, some of us never lose the love of bubbles. For most, that means turning it into a hobby and graduating to much larger wands and blowing meter-long bubbles. For Felix Worseck, it means computerizing the bubble-making process.

Felix Worseck of the Berlin University of Arts has created Parabolic Soap, an Ardunio powered machine that uses soap bubbles to construct paraboloid surfaces. The robot randomizes the width and height of two axis and then begins stretching a large loop out of a soap-basin. Since the process is random, each soap-bubble will be different, but all of them will indeed be parabolas once they snap free of the soap container.


The machine is housed in a glass case of 1×1 m size to ensure that wind, debris or pesky fingers don’t interfere with the process. You can check out a video of the machine here!

Via Gizmodo

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