Up until now, readers used RSS aggregators and services like Instapaper or Pinboard to access and read their chosen articles. Now, Amazon makes its move offering the option to send any article directly to your Kindle.

Instead of building a web interface for reading the articles, Amazon directs the readers straight to their Kindle devices, hitting two birds with one stone. It promotes Kindle products while offering a simple, user friendly and potentially popular reading service.

All Amazon did was to introduce the Send to Kindle button. The websites only have to integrate it into their sites and the users are one click away from sending the article to their Kindles. Alternatively, they can use the Kindle app on their laptops or mobiles. 

The integration of the Send to Kindle widget is simple and easy, but depends on the websites’ convenience whether they would add it on their menus or not. So far, the Kindle button can be found in WordPress sites as a plugin, and according to Kindlepost, to the web pages of Washington post, TIME, and the Boing Boing blog.

If you want to add the button on your website or blog, you can get it for free from Amazon.

Source: Geeg