A talented artist on DeviantArt by the name of The-White-Tiger is hand-crafting a huge re-creation of one of Star Wars’ most iconic starships: the legendary Star Destroyer.

Steve, aka The-White-Tiger, poses with his creation in the room where all the magic happens.

Steve, aka The-White-Tiger, poses with his creation in the room where all the magic happens.

If you’re unlucky enough to see a Star Destroyer, you’re likely about to be blown up into smithereens–or taken in for some of Darth Vader’s distinct brand of questioning. Either way, nothing good can come of it.

Thankfully a Deviantart model-maker has taken the dread out of seeing a Star Destroyer by making one of the most impressive models I’ve seen in quite some time.

As you can see, the model is so big that it literally fills up a room, and although it’s only 50% finished, it’s looking amazing. The ship itself is called a Super Star Dreadnought ‘Assertor‘, and is being crafted with a combination of 3-D printing and hand-carved styrene.

So far, Steve (aka The-White-Tiger) has revealed that the project has taken “500+ hours to build from scratch”, which is some serious dedication and patience.

Star Destroyer3

Steve’s masterful handiwork and attention to detail is readily apparent when zooming in on the model’s various contours, but he had some help. The framework of the model itself is based on a design made by Ansel Hsiao (aka Fractal Sponge), so it’s not all from memory, but it’s still an incredible achievement nonetheless.

It will be interesting to see how the the Assertor looks when it’s finished and given that signature space-grey exterior, but even in its current state it could probably be seen slowly sauntering along in starspace and terrifying the Rebel Alliance.

One has to wonder what George Lucas would make of the model, too–maybe he’ll spot it when he’s carousing the internet sometime.

To get a closer look be sure to check out the 70+ picture gallery that shows off the various pieces of the Assertor, showing how the model comes together to make something truly epic.

Via Kotaku, Technabob