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ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 Motherboard Review

There you go! No lies, Conroe support verified! You see my test platform, the
Core 2 Duo E6400 in the Menu screen above.

Not the most equipped Setup options around… but FSB clock selection is
available, up to 350MHz. We shall see if the board actually goes up to that
speed in a while.

DRAM Frequency Support is up to DDRII 667MHz. Very nice and wise choice if
you’ve got some capable DDRII Memory!

Now you can also choose to adjust the basic Memory settings and Timings in
this same Menu. On top of that notice the 2 voltage options below? The DRAM
voltage feeds your DDRII with the juice it needs to sustain the speed… default
of the board runs all Memory at 1.8v, but setting this to “High” puts a bit over
1.9v through them Memory. Not the most overclockable voltage setting, but nice
to have a bit of allowance on a shoe-string budget board harping on it’s
full-features than overclocking ability.

The voltage below that controls the voltage fed to your chipset, the Intel
945P MCH. Setting this to “High” brings chipset voltage to 1.7v as measured by
my multimeter.

4 phase power here on this board. Also if you’ve noticed, ASRock has the
money-saving upgrader in mind. 4 pin +12v connector and 20 pin ATX power
connector to allow users to bring over their dated power supplies to this new

Advertised proudly right below the passive Northbridge heatsink is the modern
Intel Dual Core CPUs supported. The first PCIE slot runs at 16x link for your
graphics performance while second PCIE slot is a multi-purpose slot… you can
plonk in a second ATi graphics card to run dual GPU Cross-Fire if you wish… a
feat accomplished by ASRock on this last generation 945P MCH chipset.

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