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ASRock reveals some of its Computex announcements

ASrock's 990FX Extreme4 on the other hand is a clear re-use of an older PCB design, namely the 890FX Deluxe5, however, there are some minor changes here. Presumably the chipsets are pin-to-pin compatible and this made it an easy transition for ASRock. The only thing we managed to spot that differs between the two boards based on a quick visual comparison is a transition from Renesas/Nec USB 3.0 host controllers to Etron. This has most likely been done due to the shortage of Renesas' products in the market.

Some other minor changes includes a slightly different looking CPU socket and the removal of a few components here and there, some of which are most likely related to the different USB 3.0 host controllers. The one thing we're not sold on when it comes to this board is the two SATA ports at the rear bottom edge of the motherboard which is a very odd location for the SATA ports.

Beyond the two AMD boards, ASRock has also revealed some details covering its new Fatal1ty Z68 Professional board that as far as we can tell looks identical to its P67 sibling, only with the addition of what appears to be at least a D-sub and DVI port, although it really is hard to see any real details from the tiny picture. The board will be supplied with a copy of Lucid Logix Virtu software.

ASRock will also be showing off a couple of new Mini PCs based on Intel's second generation mobile Core i processors, with the Vision 3D series getting Nvidia graphics of some kind, while the CoreHT series gets to make do with Intel graphics. Both models will come with USB 3.0 support and 802.11n Wi-Fi, while the CoreHT series will also feature a 6Gbps eSATA port.

We'll be bringing you more news next week from ASRock as the company is holding an event in Taipei which we'll be attending, so make sure you check back with us then, as well as during Computex for more details.

Source: ASRock, Sweclockers (images)

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