ASRock is set to introduce waterproofing with its next-generation of Haswell motherboards.

What happens when your water cooling rig springs a leak? Well, your motherboard and the components attached to it are probably toast. Water, while an excellent coolant, is deadly for components.

ASRock has a solution to this: waterproof motherboards.

According to a microsite promoting its upcoming Haswell boards, ASRock will ship select boards with waterproof coating by conformal coating. Unfortunately, details are non-existent save for the fact that some sort of waterproofing will be placed on the board. Will the coating cover the entire board? Or just the PCB? This may turn out to be a cheap marketing ploy, or it could herald a revolution in component durability.

In addition to waterproof cooling, ASRock’s upcoming Haswell boards will have a next-gen internal sound card called Purity Sound, HDMI input (for video recording), Wireless 802.11ac, and Home Cloud software.