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ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula motherboards water-proofing demonstration [video]

Conformal coating on the PCB, a popular technique used by sub-zero overclockers for electrical insulation, is now a standard feature on ASRock’s line of Intel Z87 OC motherboards designed by their in-house expert, Nick Shih.

Z87 OC Formulaac(m)

With more enthusiasts opting for elaborate water-cooling setups to cool their CPUs, we often hear horror stories of fluid leakage due to improper installation or wear and tear, shorting out and causing expensive, irreparable damage to the surrounding components.


The video, taken by yours truly from ASRock’s booth at Computex, shows a live, operating motherboard being exposed to a liquid (presumably water), simulating the usual disaster scenario. However, since the coating is only applied to the PCB and the I/Cs on it, expansion cards, slots and headers are still vulnerable to short circuit when introduced to a conductive fluid. Oh well, at least there’s some level of protection.

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