We got onto testing the overclocking capability of the A8N SLI with just default
cooling on the CPU. We used a 3800+ New Castle for testing.

We tried to push the HTT on the board as far as possible. This is the result
we got:

348 Mhz HTT. Very impressive HTT overclocking with just default cooling on the CPU.

I’ve always been curious about how much performance boost higher HTT will
give so I ran a Hexus Pifast Benchmark with CPU speed at 12 x 208 Mhz -> 2496
Mhz at DDR400 and 10 x 250 Mhz -> 2500 Mhz at DDR333. In these 2 cases, the CPU
speed is both 2.5 Ghz and Memory speed is both 208 Mhz. The only difference is
the HTT, one is 208, the other 250.

With HTT at 208 Mhz:

With HTT at 250 Mhz:

We see a bit of performance boost with a higher HTT value, but nothing to
shout about. More important for the Athlon 64s is the speed the memory’s
running. So the smart thing would be to focus on the memory clocks and timings
rather than the HTT.