The dual PCI Express x16 slots. The board is capable of running
1 x 16x PCI Express or 2 x 8x PCI Express. Notice the molex power connector
on the board right behind the first PCI Expess slot. This is to provide the
board with better power capability.


The 4 SATA ports onboard located at the bottom corner of the
motherboard. Thanks to the ULi M1575 Southbridge, this board supports SATA2.


The small passive heatsink on the Northbridge does well enough
in keeping the chipset cool as the heat output here is very small and the heatsink
only felt slightly warm after long periods of running.

We popped the heatsink off for a closer look at the ATi RD480
chipset below.

The chip is manufactured in the 33rd week of 2005. This is
slightly newer compared to the one on the DFI RDX200 we
a while ago:

The week 31st chip on the DFI board


The heatsink cooling the southbridge. Again, this chipset doesn’t
put out much heat so the heatsink feels just warm after long periods of usage.


Removing the heatsink, we see the unique feature of this board,
the ULi M1575 Southbridge. It offers better USB performance over the lack lustre
performance of the ATi SB450 Southbridge, and provides support for SATA2.