We first take a look at the Jumper-free configuration setup menu of the BIOS.


This is a must-have page for all the overclockers and tweakers. You have control
over speeds and voltages from within this menu. Your CPU Frequency, also known
as HTT, can be adjusted from 200MHz up to 400MHz, in 1MHz increment. The PCI
Express Frequency can also be adjusted from 100MHz to 150MHz.

From the same menu, you get to change your CPU Multiplier and your CPU core
voltage. The CPU core voltage can be adjusted up to 1.4v:

To boost core voltage over 1.4v, you can use the VCore over-voltage option
to give it up to a +0.2v boost.

In reality, the +200mV gives around +0.15v more only, as we see that I get
a maximum of 1.55v

For the Memory voltage, it is adjustable from 2.6v to 3.2v. This is pretty
standard nowadays, and I’m not really impressed with the 3.2v limit on this
board. I would think that with the open-mindedness of so many other companies
when it comes to the limit they give, 3.2v is a little low. I would say 3.6v
is more satisfactory if ASUS really wants to target the enthusiasts and overclockers.

ASUS offers us some nice North bridge voltage control options, giving a range
of 1.2v-1.5v.

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