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ASUS Black Pearl Special Edition: P5K Premium

P5K Deluxe’s CPU and PWM area


P5K Premium’s CPU and PWM area


The difference that could be spotted would be the CPU area. Different inductors from the P5K Deluxe and Nikos MOSFETs are used on the P5K Premium. If you are sharp enough, you would notice a few additional capacitors placed around the board.



A quick look at the rear I/O shows that there is no more PS/2 port for your mouse. Instead, two USB ports have been put in place of the legacy connector. We end up having six USB ports, an optical out, a coaxial out, the remaining standard stuff on ASUS’s higher-end boards, and two eSATA ports.


Underside of P5K Deluxe reveals 8 MOSFETs


ASUS redesigned the circuitry and there are none of them on the P5K Premium


MOSFETs are found on the bottom of the P5K Deluxe. This can be a problem because there is no airflow to the bottom of the board, and things can get toasty down under when you crank up the speed. However, with the P5K Premium, everything has been placed on the top side only.


In addtion, an Agere chip is used for the board�s IEEE1394a capabilities, while 8-channel HD Audio is provided by the Analog Devices AD1988B.



The package contains the usual items such as the manual and the driver disc.



There are two blowers included, that can be mounted on the MOSFET heatsinks to provide additional cooling if water-cooling systems are used.



For the Black Pearl Edition, even the rear I/O shield is black in colour, or rather there is a hard sticker pasted on top of the original I/O shield.

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