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ASUS Chilly Vent Lux Cooler

The ASUS Chilly Vent Lux comes in a black box resembling a truncated pyramid.

Inside the box, we find plastic blister packaging, which contains the heatsink itself and a “Component Box”. Unfortunately ASUS did not protect the base of the heatsink, but since the blister packing suspends the base in mid air this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The much-hyped “Component Box” actually contains only an installation manual and a small tube of thermal paste with a decidedly dire warning…

The packaging aside, the first thing that strikes one about the Chilly Vent Lux is probably the unusually coloured fan atop the heatsink.

ASUS uses a 92mm fan with a white frame and green blades to cool the heatsink. The fan is clipped onto a black plastic frame, which in turn is clipped onto the heatsink. The frame which holds the fan is easily removable with a little force.

A 0.2A 80mm Everflow fan is used here. Such a low rating should allow for silent performance with just enough airflow.

ASUS has used a dual copper heatpipe design to help move heat up from the base of the heatsink to the fins, where it can be better dissipated.

The base of the heatsink is also made of copper, though aluminium is used for the fins.

The fins are quite closely spaced together, making me wonder whether a higher pressure fan would help improve performance as compared to the default one, which seems rather weak.

The area around the CPU that the ASUS Chilly Vent Lux takes up is quite minimal, and this should make collisions with tall capacitors a thing of the past. (One doesn’t see that many giant
capacitors nowadays, anyway, and most manufacturers seem to have a better sense of layout too.)

Machining marks are quite obvious on the base. It doesn’t exactly have anything near a mirror finish, but the situation is still acceptable down here.

Once the fan bracket is removed, the mounting clip can also be taken out. The mounting clip is a pretty standard design for heatsinks of this sort, with a depression in the middle to push down on the heatsink when mounted.

Beneath the mounting clip, ASUS has also inserted a small rectangular frame. This is presumably for the mounting clip to rest on, protecting the fins below the clip from damage.

I found the locking lever to be very easy to use, certainly an improvement over the stock AMD heatsink’s design.

The locking lever in a unlocked (left) and locked position.

The design of the Chilly Vent Lux seems quite well thought out. But how well does it actually perform?

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