Today we will be looking at an AMD Brazos solution from ASUS. The E35M1-I DELUXE is equipped with AMD's E-350 'Zacate' APU, which combines the processor, northbridge and graphics all into a single die. The Fusion platform offers better overall performance compared to an Atom-based system and having a TDP rating of just 18W; this could be the next upgrade for your mini file server or living room media centre PC.

Today we’ll be looking at another AMD fusion board by ASUS. To be more specified, it will be under the “Brazos”  platform. For those of you who havent heard of this newly launched platform by AMD, it is actually an AMD’s very first ever APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which combine Northbridge + Processor + Graphic processor. 3 of the major component is squeezed forming the AMD E-350 “Zacate” which has a TDP rating of as low as 18 watts and manufactured using  the 40nm technology. 

With all those high end chipset going all around, AMD has also plans to expand their field on mobile computing and mini form factor. Which can basically be categorized as a versatile system on the go to satisfy the need of different level of consumer, be it businessman to housewives. In this review, we’ll be looking at how this new platform perform under some load intensifying programmes. How well can the AMD one die cpu “Zacate” manufactured by ASUS performs? Is this the perfect choice of platform for you? Find out on the next few pages, when we crank this baby up.