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As said earlier on, the ASUS EAX1800XT TOP is the first to break away from
the reference card. Featuring a higher stock clock out of the box, this card
is loaded with a rather beefy cooling solution. As usual, VR-Zone brings you
a deeper insight on this impressively engineered EAX1800XT TOP. One of the
specialty of this card, like the 7800GT DUAL, is the external power
supply brick. With this, power supply problems could be effectively eliminated.
However, do also note that the brick is fully optional, and this card could
still be powered via the usual method of connecting your PSU’s 6pin PCIe power
connector onto the card.

This is exactly how the card looks like from the top. Do note
that this card, like the 7800GT DUAL we’ve seen a while ago, comes with an
external Power Supply. Thus, a relay is placed at the usual power connector
spot, allowing the power supply to be connected via the rear I/O plate. The
cooling solution we see on this card is far more elaborate than the already well
done reference X1800XT.

Here’s a view on the back of the card. From here, we
can actually conclude that the PCB for the EAX1800XT TOP is also the same as the
reference designed card we saw a while ago. There’s a large anti warp bar (on
the top edge of the card), which serves not only as an anti warp bar, but also
to mask the relay power cable.

This card comes with the usual Dual DVI, and a VIVO capable 9
pin DIN connector. However, since this card comes with an external power supply
brick, there’s an extra inlet on the top to cater for the brick.

This is
how it looks like after we removed the cooling unit. The removal process was not as straight forward as it seems,
as the memory modules were tightly bonded via thermal tape onto the heatsink.
For any of you who wishes to remove the heatsink, please do so with caution.

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