Here we take a closer look on the Asus 7800GT Blue LED Edition:

Asus 7800GT  ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

The Asus 7800GT Blue LED Edition from the top view. The
heatsink covers the main part of the graphics card, cooling the core and the RAM
as well.

Asus 7800GT7  ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

A look at the back of the card shows the retention module used
to keep the heatsink in place to provide good contact between the base of the
heatsink and the components to enable best thermal transfer. The design of the
printed circuit board is still the same as reference design printed circuit

Asus 7800GT4  ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

Here’s a closer look at the pretty translucent blue colored
fan. This is the fan that would suck in cool air, and pass it through the
heatsinks under the “ASUS” logo.

Asus 7800GT9  ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

The card comes with a aluminum bar on top of the card to
strengthen the card and to prevent the long card from warping. It allows the
card to support heavy heatsinks without warping after a period of time. SLi
connector area is clear of the aluminum to allow users to use the SLi Connectors
without the need to remove the anti-warp bar.

Asus 7800GT8  ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

Like every other 7800GTs in the market, it sports a dual DVI
connectors for LCD monitors and a VIVO capable S-Video port. As seen here, this
graphics card is using a single slot cooling solution.