This is how the card looks like when powered on. The 6 LEDs
over at the heatsink area lights up brightly, together with a bunch of LEDs near
the fan area, lighting up the fan as well.

The bundled items include one DVI to VGA converter, 4 pin
Molex to 6 pin PCI-e power connector, VIVO dongle and a CD holder.

The TV-Out ports consist of one S-Video out and one Composite
out to enable TV to be used as monitors.

The HDTV-Out consists of component cable ports to enable HDTV
to be used as monitors.

The TV-In consist of one S-Video port and one X port.

The games and softwares bundled with the card. Games –
Snowblind, Xpand Rally and Joint Operations. Softwares – Asus DVD XP, Power
Director 3, Media Show, Asus driver and utilities.