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ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

We removed the heatsinks from the card and this is how it
looks like bare. Two GeForce 7800GT
cores, together with 16 memory chips (amounting to a total of 512MB) lie on the

Both cores on this card are exactly identical, down to the
markings on the card. Both cores are made on the 27th week this year and both
are “A2” revisions.

One of the uniqueness of this card is the different memory type
on the card. Instead of the usual Infineon 2.0ns GDDR 3 found on most retail
7800GTs, this card comes with 1.6ns Samsung GDDR3 memory. With a faster clock rating, expect higher than normal memory overclocks on this card when compared
against other 7800GTs.

As said before, the retail version of this card will come
with connectors that allows 2 more VGA ports on this card. The connector
will probably be connected to these 2 ports found on the top of the card,
covered by the anti warp bar.

Like most other 7800GT / 7800GTX, this card comes with similar
Philips SAA7115HL Video decoder chip. This chip would cater for the VIVO
functions found on this card.

This is how the heatsink looks like. The cooling
solution for this card is actually made up of 2 separate heatsinks, put
together by the same screws used to fasten the fan in place. Here, you can see
the 4 strips of thermal pads, meant to provide better heat dissipation for the

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