What makes a Power User different? They are not interested in marketing speech or new features; they have burning questions on various ways to improve the motherboard’s performance and the motherboard’s design.

Try answering this question from NightRaven – who represented Singapore in the recent International Over-Overclocking competitions

“Why didn’t ASUS place 2 more capacitors on the motherboard to stabilize the v-droop voltage?”

The engineers were not spared by our veteran Over-Clocker longsiew!

The ASUS R & D team, together with Richard from Ban Leong tries to answer the questions. It is no easy task to be there face-to-face answering burning questions with a few dozens of Power Users!

The Question and Answer Session does not end here – our veterans (longsiew, spyboy48) were pleased to know that the Engineers are on stand by to answer any more further queries

spyboy48 grilling Payton!