Meant to compete against Nvidia’s Geforce 6600, the 1300 Pro has 4 pipelines and is clocked at 600MHz core, 800MHz memory. Can the 1300 Pro beat the GeForce 6600 DDR2? Read on to find out!


Today, we take a look at the ASUS Extreme AX1300PRO/TD, which uses the ATI Radeon X1300 Pro VPU. While the X1300 Pro is considered low-end in the X1000 family, it is designed to stand up to the previous generation’s mid-range cards such as the GeForce 6600. At a similar price point, the X1300 Pro looks set to be the GeForce 6600’s next competitor. Both have identical memory configurations, using GDDR2 chips clocked at 400Mhz. But is the X1300 Pro’s newer architecture sufficient to fend off the NVIDIA GeForce 6600, which has twice the number of pipes? Read on to find out!


The specifications of the ASUS Extreme AX1300PRO/TD, according to ASUS, are as follows:

Graphics EngineATI Radeon X1300PRO
Video Memory256 MB DDR2
Engine Clock600MHz
Memory Clock800MHz (400MHz DDR2)
Bus Standard16 lanes PCI Express
Memory Interface128-bit
Max Resolution2048×1536
TV OutputYes
VGA OutputStandard 15-pin D-sub
2nd VGA OutputYes, via DVI-to-VGA adaptor
Adaptor/Cable bundledS-Video & composite cable
DVI-to-2nd VGA adaptor

Packaging & Bundle

The ASUS Extreme AX1300PRO/TD comes in a brightly colored, rather small blue box depicting a soldier on the front.

In the box, we found the following accessories:

    • Driver CD
    • Manual CD
    • Quick installation sheet
    • DVI to VGA converter
    • TV-Out extension cable

    Nothing special here, but the accessories included are still sufficient. This is only a low-end card, so buyers should not expect the extravagant bundle of games and accessories found in higher-end cards.

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