The core. Manufactured in the 24th week of this year.

Dual DVI inputs, as well as the exhaust vent for the Silencer HSF.

The accessories; the ViVo breakout box, the power adaptor and DVI converter.

the Installation and speed setup guide

A whole bunch of CDs included, namely,

1) Asus Driver CD
2) Farstone Virtual Drive 9
3) Project Snowblind
4) Xpand Rally
5) Asus Multi Language Manual
6) Asus DVD Player
7) Cyberlin Mediashow SE
8) Cyberlink PowerDirector SE

The bundle given with this Asus card isn’t exactly enticing, and with the price
tag of this card, I’d expected Asus to include some more popular games along
with the card to entice enthusiast to pick it up.

Asus also included a nice leather CD Wallet for you to hold all the CDs included
in the package.